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In addition to a regular quarterly review of the markets (see below), we also distribute an occasional written commentary for clients and friends of Index Financial Advisors.  These commentaries could include an analysis of recent economic news, a discussion of market trends, scenario planning for the future, as well as investment and financial planning recommendations.  Use the links below to review the recent commentaries (as pdf documents).  To add your name to the distribution list, send an email to Index Financial Advisors. 

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Commentary June 2010

Commentary January 2010

Commentary October 2009

Commentary April 2009

Commentary March 2009

Commentary November 2008

Commentary October 2008

Commentary September 2008

On a quarterly basis, we prepare a customized and comprehensive Investment Analysis for each client.  These quarterly reports include (1) an analysis of current market and economic conditions, (2) a comparison of the actual and target asset allocation for the portfolio, (3) a calculation of the quarterly portfolio returns as compared to a custom benchmark, and (4) specific investment and financial planning recommendations.   Of course, the client specific information is confidential.  But you can use the links below to review the general market and economic analysis for each quarter (as pdf documents):


Market Analysis 2Q10

Market Analysis 1Q10

Market Analysis 4Q09

Market Analysis 3Q09

Market Analysis 2Q09

Market Analysis 1Q09

Market Analysis 4Q08

Market Analysis 3Q08

Market Analysis 2Q08

Market Analysis 1Q08

Market Analysis 4Q07

Market Analysis 3Q07

Market Analysis 2Q07

Market Analysis 1Q07

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